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HV Products History

HV is the logo of HONGHUI DIGITAL

And all products we have released are prefixed with HV.

In 2011 , we entered the fields of Bluetooth headphone, and specialized in R&D products.

In 2012 , we pioneered the HV-800 Bluetooth headsets of historic significance.It brought a strong reaction in the market and were followed by many other Bluetooth headphone manufacturers.Even recently, the HV-800 Bluetooth headsets are accepted and beloved by global consumers.

In 2014 , we launched a new generation of headset, the HV-900, on the basis of improving the process of HV-800. It was widely commended once again, and lead the sports Bluetooth headset industry .

In 2015, we innovated product structure, and then released the HV-930 and HV-960 headsets with silicone material.Once published, each of them sold very well.

In 2016, we consecutively optmized the production line, introduced the True WirelessTechnology concept ,applied and designed the HV-316 and HV-316T. Utterly stunning the customers.

In 2018, Now, We are ready! We are sure that our new products will attract the global attentions once again! Would you like to share cheers from the market with us?